my weekend work (and a crazy great bike)

i was working on these pieces this weekend non stop trying to
make time for making my friend's guest book for her wedding
in two weeks. so right now i'm watching the life aquatic and
finishing these embroidery pieces up-
putting them in frames and backing them...
i love the one that says, puddin'. people request the best things!
example two of great requests...
here is a child's anatomical drawing that I've been requested
to crazy amazing is that! i love the image so
much. the child handwriting and scribble-y lines kill me... ...and i had to share this shopping cart/bicycle hybrid that i
spotted on one of my neighborhood walks. i'm in love with
creative/ghetto problem solving. live in ny? can't carry much
because you don't own a car? bike can't carry all your grocreies?
why not build a ghetto shopping cart bike? i love you ny....


  1. Thanks for a great post, Jessica !
    It gave me a good laugh :D
    These custom requests are precious and this bike is ... truly awesome !

    x x x

  2. awesome awesome bike! I want one!!!

    I heard some news from Toni...CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are SO living the dream!!!!!


  3. Wow. That dog is amazing. I hope you'll let us see the finished product!

  4. Wow. That dog is amazing. I hope you'll let us see the finished product!

  5. mathyld! i know that bike is hilarious- thanks!

    alisa, thanks lady! i'm trying. see you soon!

    and hi erin! of course i will share the finished dog drawing. you know it!


  6. Wow, I love that the four features of a dog are ear, paws, tongue and BRAIN. Wouldn't you just love to be a child again? Perhaps a child on a ghetto trolley bike? It really made me laugh xx

  7. I thought at first the custom dog said "burrito" instead of brain. hahaha.
    Its going to be so cute when finished.
    Oh, and I would totally ride that contraption to the grocery store!

  8. That is the CRAZIEST bike ever. I'd almost be afraid of hitting things with it, though. It's huge!

  9. kate- i'd let you push me...


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