what the hell am i doing?!

hows was your long weekend?! i was frantically trying to prepare for Renegade, which will be my first craft fair! when i decided to apply i thought june is far away and "i'll have time."
i have no time! i'm making crazy lists that just get longer and longer and i'm feeling so unprepared and outta my league. there is just so much to consider- having enough stock, pricing, creating a nice display, buying all my materials and supplies, business cards, etc. the thought, "what the hell am i doing?" crosses my mind regularly. seriously, i have no clue. luckily, i'm sharing a space with the lovely, seasoned crafter, Kristen Course of Cakehouse. she knows what shes doing and has all the necessary things you need- a tent, tables, credit card machine. if you got advice for newbies- i'm all ears!
i was able to stocked up on some amazing linen.
i've got something special planed and can't wait to show and tell...

i'm also trying to make/finish my piece for Fiber Arctic, curated by
Kristen Rask. it's an embroidery show about the environment in the artic and i've got great company in this show! i've had ideas for this, but nothing felt right. i finally am set with an idea of replicating an image from victorian album. i'll update you with the progess of this piece....
for now, here is the begining. i got to get on it!!! the show is the 12th of june.....
after working hard we took time out on memorial day for
a very special tea, Temomi Shincha from Shizuoka, Japan...
and a nice bike ride to the prospect park for a picnic....
how was your weekend?!


  1. Hang in there! You still have time.
    More bike rides are always the cure for such stress!

  2. You'll do great...I just know it! I hope you sell everything and that it's a huge hit :)
    I can't wait to see your surprise and the progress of your victorian embroidery project.

  3. kate, right! more bike rides is always a good goal!

    and thanks chad! too bad your not in NY...

  4. Your booth looked great! So nice to meet you in person. Best wishes to you!!!


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