my little opening...

i'm proud of the all the hard work i did putting together my "grand reopening". i have to laugh when i say that, because i hear that loud, crazy "Sunday, Sunday, Sunday" voice. so here's a sampling of some of my new pieces that you can find in the shop.warning i'm about to get just a little photo geeky...
shout outs to vannessa for introducing me to zack arias's blog and photo critiques, which inspired me to use my little flash unit- all manual- screw you ttl, and i'm really happy with the photographs, if i say so myself.

i was also inspired after watching the photo critiques to do a little update on my website, but it needs lots of work on the "arts" section, which is all old stuff. what i'm excited about is that i finally added my "craft" work. represent.


  1. Oh yay! Im glad you got inspired!!!

  2. I love stars, constellations, astronomy ...
    I do embroider stars myself ...
    But I never thought of embroidering actual constellations !
    This is pure genius, and the result is breathtakingly astounding !

    You rock the stars, Rockstar !
    x x x

  3. I just had to comment on the constellations -- first saw them over on MrXStitch from Beefranck. What a wonderful (and even obvious -- though yours is the first I've seen!) project and thoughtful, lovely execution.


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