i'm back...

...home from california.
thank you to everyone who sent me your kind wishes and encouragement- it really means alot to me!!
it was great to go home, even just for a bit. my grandfather is doing better and is back at home, which is an unbelievable relief. my family rallies during these times of need- they make me so proud and happy to be part of it.and just being at my grandmother's house in santa monica is theraputic. its a small house by the ocean, filled with good memories and touches of my grandparents handiwork throughout.
and being with these guys, buddy lee and dexter, my parents little dogs, seriously fill me with joy. they are unconditional love bugs
buddy lee in my old bedroom in CA
soooo.... i'm feeling refreshed and excited to start the shop up again. i'll have a little "grand reopening" Monday April the 6th @ 5pm eastern time.... i'm working hard to get everything ready. i'll have my old favorities and some new pieces....come stop by.

and thanks again to all you who wrote me your well wishes! thank you....


  1. I'm happy you were there!! But i am also happy you are home!!!

  2. I love the pictures of California!
    (great blog)
    ~dee (from 'our little love nest')

  3. i love these photos, especially the first...very nice...

  4. It's so nice to hear that you're back and fully energized.
    Your family sounds like a very sweet bunch !
    And I so love your photos from there ... The garden and the dogs ... The light is simply stunning !

    Welcome back,
    x x x



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