vampire love on valentines...

i've professed my love for Let the Right One In before and i guess it did not fall on deaf ears. this is Oskar and Eli from the movie...
and this is Oskar and Eli, the handmade dolls by Little Red Fox, sitting in my bedroom, a sweet Valentine from my boyfriend...such a great idea! i can't even believe that he thought of this perfect gift. its handmade, crazy thoughtful and so special to me. i love all the details. Eli's curly hair and huge eyes. the pink shirt from the movie and the blood on her lips, like the main movie still.
Oskar's bandaid and sad face kill me, as well as his little removable shoes. the movie and the book are worlds apart. the movie is poetic and haunting and turns the story in a softer direction, choosing to leave out, but hint at, lots of dark happenings. its one of my favorite films and definitely the best i saw this past year. the book gave me nightmares and i get creeped out thinking of a monster that never appeared in the movie. its the friendship between Oskar and Eli that holds me, that keeps me locked onto these characters... so if you haven't yet you should read the book and see the movie. i think you'll like it... many thanks to little red fox and my main man.


  1. I've never heard of looks quite stylish.

  2. wow, the dolls do look like the characters! she did a great job and i got your comment on the flickr too. by the way, i have a photo of yours on my latest post (with credit). i hope it's okay. :)

  3. I love them!! And I love the movie "Låt den rätte komma in" (the titel in Swedish, I don't know what it's called in English).

    And you've got a awesome blog! I'll be back.


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