a thousand thank yous and one inparticular...give away!

i'm lookin out for my shop's 1,000th heart...via Desire To Inspire

...because i want to say thank you to you individually and as a gesture to all who have added their hearts to my little shop. so i will be giving a little treat to the 1,000th person who hearts, err favorites, my shop. just a little something to say, "thanks mang!" i'm at 994 at this very moment so just 6 more...

is it you? let me know!
comment, convo, holla back and i will send you a sweet treat...


  1. hi, i would've gone tagged you but you're already in there on my etsy favourites i'm afraid. however i can tell you that IF you may be interested in participating, i have a blog giveaway over at my blog too. feel free to play :)

  2. darn, i thought id already "hearted" your shop, but i checked just in case... But maybe i should have checked how many people had hearted you before i did. oh well, im 996 :)

  3. great idea...and congrats on 1000...

  4. Yay ! Congratulations !
    I added you ages ago with my original "secret admirer" profile ... months ago.

    I just added you with my new account / shop : I'm *Encore Petite*, "hearter" n°1088 !

    nd I realized at the same time that YOU hearted ME a few days ago ...

    Tee hee !
    x x x

  5. thanks ladies!
    nadia- i need to check your site out!
    the oak leaves- made me laugh! i see your stuff everywhere and love it!

    and nice to meet you mathyld!

  6. hello jessica it's tracy :) i've just picked up the goodies you sent me (all the way from NY) and i love love them!!!

    i've post some pics on my blog and you can check it here: http://www.xanga.com/blackgoldfish/695780838/miniature-rhino/

    sorry that my blog is mainly written in chinese :P


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