twerking it...

today and last night i've done one thing, work on my pieces for Gallery Hanahou's embroidery show, Forget Me Not. The show is an appropriately timed nod to Valentine's Day. I've got three pieces to finish and very little time. so all day i've been stitching up hearts and bees and wreaths of green...

work in progress... , originally uploaded by miniature.rhino.

...i'm so behind on my own work because i've been making these Custom Heart Samplers. This is my first batch and as soon as I finish the pieces for the show I'll work on the second batch. it's been great talking to people for these orders and putting an even more personal touch into my interactions with people on etsy. thats what its all about to me right- i'm just this girl in my bedroom in brooklyn making things that i love and wanting to share that with others. i totally forgot to take a picture of them all done-errr! but i loved seeing all the packages stacked and ready for shipping. what a great feeling...

custom pieces..., originally uploaded by miniature.rhino.

I've decided to keep this listing up in my shop as a regular item, but at the moment I can't take any more custom orders. damn you day job!


  1. wow i just noticed something crazy about your custom hearts. people with short names (i.e. Pam + Joe, Greg + Beth) marry people who also have short names and people with lots of letters in their name end up with similarly long or complicated names. then again maybe it's just me that is crazy.

  2. ohh...your blog is such a fun place to visit!
    loved your etsy shop and now i love your blog....
    thanks for stopping by

  3. thanks michelle! you too! i linked you to keep in touch...thanks!!


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