Trading Curiosities

BrooklynRehab makes this wonderful NY Souvenir. Its a pigeon feather in a large corked vial with a tag that tells you exactly where it was found. The tag makes it a specimen of study, the numbering and location details, and I love the idea of being a naturalist in the big city- is that even possible? This reminded me of one of my favorite possessions, an old bird watcher's field guide. It's kind of a fill in the blank type of book. The woman wrote long hand in beautiful script where she found all kinds of birds, what they ate, how many she saw and even drew colorful pictures. Its amazing!

I also got a Charmed custom initial pin with an "M" I put it on right away and love it. I'm so excited about my little treasures. She has lots of other great vintage finds and the images are beautiful, so check out her shop.
I traded A Miniature Cabinet of Curiosities #10, which had lots of little natural wonderous objects in it and it came wrapped up with a vintage key...


  1. Thanks for the trade and for this lovely post. I loved the packaging too much to open the tube. I might need to buy another one just to open and play with the items. I love your needlework too. That's next on my wishlist.

  2. Ooh, what fun trades! I just mailed out my second trade and can't wait to receive the other half! It is definitely possible to be an urban naturalist. It's kind of my job, I teach a variety of science classes at a NYC park! There are some great guidebooks like "Wild New York".

  3. lauren your job sounds wonderful! and thanks for the book recommendation!


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