write a letter!

i love love love snail mail. love getting letters and writing and take extra care and attention when i do so, lots of doodles, nice paper, stamps and sometimes for extra special things a wax seal. bills, however, not so fun, but this image via inchmark.squarespace.com makes those security envelopes look good.

when i saw this today i thought it was so beautifully presented and interesting. i'm also a fan of the little tape marks. these are the insides of security envelopes. reusing these is a great way to recycle, plus the patterns are kinda amazing. he also posts on his blog a link to a flickr set collection of these.

the first time i saw these put to good use was on remake's etsy store, which is no longer open. i wish that i had know about her stuff sooner and gotten one of her journals. (what happened—it looked like such a successful store?) these are some of her repurposed security envelopes. great idea.

(via remake.etsy.com)


  1. Hello-

    (I followed the link to your blog from the Storque News of the Craft and Style Blogosphere.)

    WRT to this post, do you know the Sweetie Pie Press? She's been collecting and recycling security envelopes too... and recently had a show here in Toronto. Here's her etsy.

    Ele (aka minouette)

  2. minouette, thanks for this. yes i have seen her project and thought it really interesting. i love the collaboration between her and kind strangers. This reminds me try and submit some finds to her... thanks again!


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