Stranger Things Etsy Round Up

Because I just finished Stranger Things (for the second time!) last night and because it was confirmed for a second season today (yay!), and because I have lots of work to do why not procrastinate together and support small businesses who also love Stranger Things? Here we go...

"she's our friend and she's crazy" art print on real wood by Jesiiii

Eleven Enamel Pin by PhoebePhillipsDesign  I love the pin card too!

Hope you find something here to hold you over, because we'll have to wait till 2017 for the new season. Did you love watching this show too?


  1. Hey Jessica,

    Great post and thank you for sharing our Hawkins Middle School T-shirt, that was very rad of you! If you could, message me on Etsy sometime, I'd love to send you that t-shirt (free) to show you my appreciation!

    Take care,

    1. hell yeah! that sounds great, thank you! off to message you on Etsy now :)

  2. Stranger Things was great! and obviously an instant cult classic with all these crafts popping up

    1. Yeah, I agree- instant cult classic. There's so much great fan art popping up, too.


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