Etsy Success Event & the Bug gets internet famous!

Last night I spoke at Etsy HQ for their Etsy Success Series and you can sign up to view the talk here. I was really excited about the topic, Customer Service, because it is so important to me as a small business and also such a challenge for me. Keeping on top of custom orders and responding to an overwhelming inbox are huge struggles for me. I feel like I'm always behind since most of my work is made to order.

I really wanted to approach Customer Service form a sellers point of view. I kept these questions in mind:
  • How can a seller make their job easier, more efficient, and streamlined in terms of customer service?
  • How can we better connect with our customers?
  • How can we build community with other sellers to help support each other and grow our businesses?
  • How can I make my customer's experience the best it can be so that they not only come back, but also share their experience with others? 

Here's one of my slides. Bug made it into my talk not once, but twice. AND he even got a mention by one of the other speakers!

Here's a brief overview of what I talked about & some tips I learned from the event. I'd love to hear your thoughts and your own experience.

Customer Service Checklist
1. Great photographs, listing text and a policy page
- Answers buyers questions with images & text.
- Make sure to visualize and use the drop down menu for any options or customizations
- Break down your listing details: introductory paragraph, item details, processing times and shipping info.

2. Convos
- Join the Etsy Convo Improvements Team for the updated convo system. It's rad! Much more user friendly.
- Write with a smile! Avoid frustration with kind, short & sweet replies.
- Try your best to reply as soon as you can, at least in 24 hours. Answering convos helps make sales!

3. Be You
- Rock your About page with an awesome portrait and interesting bio. Link your FB, twitter & blog.
- Be as personal as you can with your customers. Use their name in all your communications. Thank returning customers!
- Join a team & try doing in person events like fairs or teaching.
- Share bits of your work & life on social media. Blog, tweet, FB, Instagram. You don't have to do it all. Pick at least one and run with it!

4. After the sale
- Celebrate! You are doing a good job and you need to recognize that.
- Make a strong “Message to the Buyer” that clearly states you’ve received their order, restate briefly your processing times and shipping days. Leave a link for your buyers to opt into your mailing list.
- Get organized. Print out orders receipts or make a simple sales document.
- Communicate! Update customers on their orders if there is any delay. 
- Let them know when their order ships, and provide a tracking number (US only).

5. Packaging
- Make it a treat! Personalize it with a handwritten note and make it a delightful experience.
- Say thank you with thoughtful extras and packaging. Target your extras to help market your shop. Sell prints? Include a mini print. Cards? Include a cute address label. It could be as simple as a postcard that features a beautiful image of one of your items.
- Include a business card and coupon code. 
- Aim for your customers to have a word of mouth worthy experience with your packaging & item.

Photos: Cheyne of Cut Out & Collect- thanks lady!!

You can sign up to view a taping of the event here.

Please let me know what you think! I'd love to hear from sellers & buyers. Any tips to add?


  1. You did such a great job. Thanks for droppin' the knowledge, Jessica!

    and oh yay! I'm not a terrible photography after all!

    1. Thanks lady!! Had to add photo credit to you in the post. Thanks for the snaps!!

  2. Very helpful. Thank you for your time.


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