Red, White and Chocolate

Happy 4th everyone!!
red, white & chocolate
red, white & chocolate

Yesterday I stumbled upon a farmers market and saw these bright, beautiful rasberries. Love those teal paper cups, too. Had to get them! I was on my way to pick up our CSA veggies– lots of leafy greens, zucchini, cucumbers, and sugar snap peas (my fave!). So what did I do when I got home with all these farm fresh veggies? Went straight for the ice cream and topped it with rasberries and chocolate! nom nom nom. Sometimes you just need ice cream for dinner. 

Hope you all have a great forth of July! I'll be at Sleep No More– an interactive Macbeth play that takes place in a hotel that you explore– and then a picnic. So excited about it!

What are you up to today?

red, white & chocolate

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