A little bit of Squam....

Last night I returned home from Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire where I taught embroidery classes, slept in a cabin right next to Squam lake, heard the loons at night, was surrounded by greenery, tall trees, mossy paths, hungry mosquitos, and lots of lovely people who were no doubt knitting.

Unfortunately, I came home with a scratchy throat,  head cold, and a bunch of bug bites on the crown of my head! So today has been sneezy, head scratchy sad mess. But I have to share some instasnaps with you to show just how beautiful NH is, and how I already miss my cabin in the woods...

My cabin in the woods view....Can you believe this was the view from my bedroom?!

Sat here making cross stitch buttons for @renegadecraft I spent one afternoon on the screened in porch making some buttons for Renegade Brooklyn and enjoying the view. 

First finished piece for my Custom Monogram class at @squamloveThe first finished piece from my custom embroidery class.
#embroidery work in progress at @squamloveSharing the progress of the pieces from the first day of class.
Day 2's #embroidery pieces. Whew, all done with classes now! Time to sit on the dock & dip my toes in Squam Lake...More pieces from the second day's class. I love all the different colors and stitches everyone used. 
Where we stitch! Check out the view, although it is raining pretty hard...This is where my classes were held, in a big beautiful, wood dining room overlooking a cove of the lake. 

The deep end...To get to my cabin, you must walk on the deep end. 

Moss path....
My favorite mossy path to walk...

I'll be editing my real camera pictures to share more images from Squam soon. I can't wait to show all the embroidery pieces my students made in better detail- they were all amazing!

Back to sniffling...


  1. Oh no! I hope it's just the lasting effect of all that oak dust and not a real cold. Get well soon. xo Rebecca

  2. This looks like it was a little slice of Heaven! :) I hope you feel better soon.

  3. SUCH a pleasure meeting you and learning from you! I had an awesome time! xoxox

  4. Oh my word...I would think I was in heaven if I were there...


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