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DIY String Sculpture
DIY String Sculpture
I've had this idea of floating letters for awhile now and really wanted to make them. I'd love to make a wall of these letters- how amazing would that be? But you don't have to stick to letters. A silhouette, simple illustration or abstract shape would work nicely too. Now I just want to spend the day making string things.

For my test I made a miniature PMA (Positive Mental Attitude, which I've blogged about before) and I quite like this little positive affirmation. Nix (who makes drop dead beautiful drawings!) of Fernbeds suggested framing it in a shadow box, so now I'm on the hunt for a tiny shadow box.

DIY String Sculpture
DIY String Sculpture
Here's what you'll need:
Thread or Yarn - I used embroidery floss
Tracing paper
Pencil, eraser & Sharpie
Freezer paper
Tape - I love painters tape.
Cardboard piece that's as large as your sculpture
Sewing pins
Craft brush
Fabric stiffener - I used Stiffy Fabric Stiffener (insert chuckles here)

  1. Braid three threads together to form a thicker string. 
  2. Create your pattern on tracing paper using pencil and then trace over with sharpie. 
  3. Flip over the tracing paper so that it's in reverse and layer over a piece of freezer paper, matte side up. Retrace with sharpie. You only need this step if you are making text or a pattern that is not symmetrical.
  4. Tape the freezer paper, glossy side up, to your cardboard piece. Your pattern should read normally, not in reverse. Pin your thread to the cardboard following your pattern.
  5. Paint the stiffener on with a craft brush until the treads are fully saturated. Set aside to dry over night. 
  6. Once it's dry remove the pins and scrap away the excess stiffener on the edges of the thread. 
  7. Hang with sewing pins or mount in a shadow box.
DIY String Sculpture

Here's a corner of my studio, my reminder to keep the pma.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend. Did you make anything?!

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