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sunday brunch

Sunday brunch...

Green tea + wagashi
cats + window garden
wip making pins
This past week was a blur of number crunching for tax time, so I really didn't pick up my camera till the weekend. That's always when I give myself more time to document and enjoy myself, and it was such a beautiful weekend! Had my first bike ride of the year on Saturday, took a meandering 2 hour walk with Lillian, our foster pup.

I loved our Sunday brunch of tofu scramble and cinnamon pancakes. Always craving pancakes! Then later for a second sweet brunch we had wagashi treats, these fancy Japanese sweets Jeremy got for us. Every year he makes a point to get their seasonal cherry blossom candy. I had a green tea cake, a peach jelly with a cherry in it and Jeremy made me a sweet matcha, yum!!

I'm also already cutting buttons for Renegade. Yeah, I hand cut each circle!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Oh Jess! The kids eat at the table! ;) Looks like you had a great weekend! You seem to also be working towards your 'Master Cutter' merit badge.


  2. awww, banjo looks so cute in the second photo! And of course the other furry guys are super cute too!

  3. OMG ! These jelly desserts look out of this world ! LOVE the look of it !
    (Matcha tea makes me sick, though ... Like barely warm spinach soup ... Yuck !)

    Kisses !
    x x x


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