My lately...

Ginger beard & cat feets
Had to start with a picture of my boys looking oh so sweet on a very lazy Sunday. My SLR has been collecting some dust since I discovered instagram, but today I took her out and I'm so glad I did. Jeremy and I were playing with a harmonica which drives Bug crazy for lovin (video proof below). This is not normal. He's pretty much a jerk! Albeit, a super cute jerk.

And now my instagrams....

My Lately

  1. Green juice to help me beat my sinuses into shape.
  2. Recent stitches.
  3. My embroidery class at Purl Soho
  4. So grateful for my unoffice!
  5. Hacksaws & embroidery, just the everyday life of a crafter...
  6. Making my weekend project: DIY wood spool photo holder
  7. Visited the Brooklyn flea this weekend & spotted Brady & Kowalski's typewriter booth
  8. Cat superman! Banjo helping me enjoy the laziest Sunday. 
  9. Banjo won't stop licking himself (which drives me crazy!) so I covered his body with a pillow. His head is poked out on the other side... so cute!

More instagrams @miniaturerhino...

So how was your week?!

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  1. Not as amazingly "aww inspiring as yours".

    Hope all continues to be beautiful in your days :)


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