Just the tip, or I heart Andy Dwyer...

I have to confess that the Park & Rec fever didn't hit me till the second season when my friend Virginia let me know I was missing out. I pretty much immediately feel in love with the show.  All the characters are uniquely hilarious and P&R isms have made their way into my everyday talk, like "treat yo' self",  I call people and things a "Jerry" when I'm annoyed by them, and often sing "this is how you eat" at meal times. Aziz & Andy are favorites. It was probably all of Andy's band names that originally endeared me to him (and all the super goof smiley faces he makes)....

A.D. and the D Bags
The Andy Andy Andies
Andy Dwyer Experience
Angel Snack
Death of a Scam Artist
Department of Homeland Obscurity
Everything Rhymes with Orange
Flames For Flames
God Hates Figs 
Hand Grill Suicide
Jet Black Pope
Just The Tip
Mouse Rat
Muscle Confusion
Ninja Dick
Nothing Rhymes with Blorange
Nothing Rhymes with Orange
Penis Pendulum
Possum Pendulum
Punch Face Champions
Puppy Pendulum
Rad Wagon
Teddy Bear Suicide
Two Doors Down
Scarecrow Boat
& then "Fuck it we are 'Mouse Rat'!"

image via andyradical & band names via wiki

p.s Full disclosure, this post was inspired by my jealously of Lisa Butterworth, a very lucky lady!

p.s.s Please, please comment with a made up band name! Mine would be Dinosaur Arm Parade or Monkey Bars.


  1. Those band names will be having me laughing all day!
    Dinosaur Arm parade Ha ha ha

  2. We have a couple-Grandma's Quincanera, and Daddy's Neck Grease...

    1. Sooo good! Made me laugh, thanks Amy. I think Grandma's Quincanera wins!


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