wishes for sun & vintage inspired furniture....

the view from my living room

the light is changing here and my skin is itching anticipating the spring. still wearing my coat and tights (under my jeans), long socks and a giant scarf on the rare occasions i brake from my hermitage. winter ties me in knots, but soon, the sun (and some vitamin D)!

we desperately need to fix up our apartment. this peak into our space doesn't reveal our serious lack of organization. i was creepin on the craigslist and spotted these bookshelves and tables from vintage industrial furniture. i would LOVE, absolutely love these, any of them- all of them!! 


  1. Oooh ! These are seriously yummy !

    And I lvoe that you have so many plants ... The polluted air in my flat kills plants ...
    The only 4 plants I have are survivors (mutants, maybe ?) and have been surviving for years !

    x x x

  2. oooooh very nice, I can see why you fancy some of those!


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