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new space....
i've been enjoying my new work space of late. space is a luxury in nyc, so i feel pretty lucky to have a place dedicated to making. it feels good and i feel lucky.

while i was away in india the earthquake in haiti hit. i read about it's devastation from the comfort of this new space while eating a chocolate bar i bought in paris, which is about 3x the size of a candy bar here. after experiencing a bit of india and seeing images of haiti its plain to see the contrast of what my life is like here.

i was moved to give to the red cross. super easy process. i just want to urge anyone who, like me, feels like there is not much you can do that it's a small thing, but it's something.

how about too....
doctors without borders

i'm sure there are lots of ways to help. maybe you know some and can share them with me here in a comment. please do...


  1. welcome home jessica! i love your photo. and those digs look great!

    yes, it's heartwrenching what's happening in haiti. many etsians are donating a portion of their sales and maybe you've seen it.. there's a cooperative shop on etsy called hearts for haiti.

    on india.. recently i saw an idie comedy on instant netflix called 'outsourcing.' pretty funny, and interesting, about the differences in our cultures. it takes place in india. you might want to check it out if you've never seen it. :)

  2. thanks for sharing this lisa. i want to check out that movie, for sure. i saw a lot of interesting hand painted signs advertising, "100% guarantee call center job"!


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