Hall & Oates Embroidered Record

Sometimes I get a custom request I just can't refuse. It's just too thoughtful or too tempting an image to stitch up. This request was both. I loved the idea of a stitched record of a favorite song.  The Valentine's Day gift was inspired by a scene in 300 Days of Summer, where this Hall & Oates song plays as Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character is so happy in love he dances in the streets, high-fives strangers and hits an imaginary home run. It's just that good! I couldn't be happier to help people contain that feeling through my work.

Here's the original images that were sent to me to work with and a detail. The lettering was damn tiny that I had change it up a bit, but I wanted it to look close to the real thing. The finished piece was mounted on a 6x6" wood canvas.

I was thinking about what song I might have chosen to memorialize like this. Hmmm? Maybe Smashing Pumpkins Today or Depeche Mode, Blue Dress.  What about you?


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