Crafternoon at NYPL

Have you heard of Crafternoons at the NYPL? I feel like they are one of those secret treasures of NY, community crafting in a sun filled room in one of the most beautiful buildings in NY.

I just went to one on Saturday and had such a great time learning something I've never tried before, bead crochet with my friends Bert & Dana Freed. They are an amazing mother-daughter team who just wrote a great new book, Bead Crochet Jewelry,  and were great supporters of me pursuing my own book. I love them for that!

Look how beautiful their jewelry is! I hope one day I can make one of their rope-style pieces. Mypiece needs a lot more practice. I must have redone it 5 times...

I got to sit across from Esther K. Smith, of Purgatory Pie Press, who makes artist books and writes great books. LOVED seeing her happy face as she flipped through my book, Stitched Gifts.

It was so very nice to be in the library making with all these creative people. At one point everyone sang happy birthday to a young girl who won the crafternoon raffle & by chance it was her birthday that day. Such a great moment!

Thanks to the organizers Maura, Jessica & the NYPL for a great Crafternoon!!


  1. Hi Jessica, the crafternoon was so much fun. I was sitting at your table, and it was so nice to go through your book. All the best for it.

    Also, I love your Etsy shop!

    Sunshine Over The Mountains

  2. Thanks so much for attending, Jessica, and also for this sweet roundup of the event. So glad you could join us, and I really look forward to seeing you at a future handmade crafternoon!


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