You can't imagine how lucky I feel to be safe and sound in my little apartment in Brooklyn after all the loss and damage Hurricane Sandy has caused. The images that I've seen leave me in awe of natures wrath. I can't believe I live so close to all this damage, and yet, my neighborhood was ok. Lots of debris and fallen trees, but we are ok. We are the lucky ones.

So sad to see these massive trees ripped from the earth. I just can't believe how these stately trees just cracked and crumbled. Speaking of trees, please read this beautiful post...

Hurricane Sandy

Just yesterday I saw a sea of cars & people with gas cans lining the streets for one of the cities free fuel stations set up for first responders. There is none. All the gas stations are tapped out & will be for a long time, so the public came out in mass. There were fights & humvees everywhere. Quite scary.

Sending my love to everyone effected by Sandy. I hope you all are ok. Did you experience the storm? Have any damage? 

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  1. I'm so glad you're safe! Sending my love



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