For the love of dogs...

If you know me, you know that I am an animal lover. Being in California with my family right now means that I am surrounded by goofy pooches. My mom has three very small, very affectionate dogs: Dexter, Buddy Lee, and Tatiana. 

My aunt also has three, and we love getting them all together. One of her's, Romeo (above, bottom right), is the brother to Tati. And one of my other aunts has one of their other brothers too!

Going through my father's things I stumbled across lots of earmarked pages in a collection of Rudyard Kipling poems. One was this poem, The Power of the Dog and this post reminded me to of it & I wanted to share it with you. "beware of giving your heart to a dog to tear..."

the dogs...Like herding cats! L to R; Romeo, Buddy Lee, Tatiana, Dexter, Bambi & Hailey

the dogs...Do you have a dog? What's the name?

p.s People have been letting me know that they are getting their copies of my book, Stitched Gifts, in the mail already. I'm so excited that it's getting into people's hands! I still can't believe it...


  1. OMG these photos crack me up! Great photos J, love them!!!

  2. That poem made me cry! I have a little doggy called Keffie, she is 3 but has been mine for one year. I love her more than anything.

  3. I am such a dog person. 2 Chihauhaus. Tessa and Leah. I cannot imagine my life without them they are such companions!


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