Month of Mail: day 6

Image by Alfred Steiglitz via the George Eastman House (found via Mark Montano's FB)

May 6 -12 is National Postcard Week, which I learned about from Swapbot, a great site for creating and participating in mail swaps. It's a fun, ingenious idea by mail enthusiast and Ace, Rachel.

When I started this project I realized that even though it's not too much to write a letter a day, I knew that life can have other plans. I might be too tired that day, or not know where to start or just have lots to do already, which is usually the case. But a postcard a day? I got this! Here's day 6, a Posada postcard. I've been hoarding this pack of cards for probably over 10 years!

The best part, I wrote to an old friend that I miss....

Day 6 of #amonthofmail A Posada calavera. I learned from @swapbot that May 6-12 is National Postcard Week, so this week maybe I'll send all postcards...

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  1. That postcard is totally worthy of saving for ten years!


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