A Month of Mail: day 31, the finish line!

day 31

day 31

Today's postcard, a Yoshitomo Nara painting, marks the last day of my month long daily mail challenge. I'm so proud that I followed through with this project and wrote a piece of mail everyday.

If you wanted to start your own daily mail project I have to tell you how rewarding it is to receive mail back. I've received a few letters already and am looking forward to more regular written correspondence. I know how good it feels to get good mail & I like being on both ends of that.

I think this challenge has helped me create a habit of writing more. I struggled much less with what to say, who to write to, and just simply putting pen to paper by the end of the month. Sometimes I'd sit there with a blank piece of paper in front of me and think, "What the hell am I going to fill up this paper with? Don't you dare talk about the weather." But really who cares, it's just nice to take the time and say hello. I know I appreciate it, and so will the recipient. I started by asking questions, answering those questions myself, saying how damn hot it got and what it felt like, sounded like, what I was up to and that paper got all filled up with my scratchy handwriting.

A lot of my paper stashed got used in the process and I treated myself by buying a few cards too. It's nice to reward yourself when you're doing something like this. It's motivating and helped me enjoy the process more when I had made or purchased nice stationery.

You should try your own mail challenge! Maybe a month, maybe just a week. It's just something nice to do for you & your friends. Let me know if you give this a try!!

I love seeing all the letters together! You can see the whole month of mail images here. 

a month of mail
p.s one of my favorite parts of a letter is the salutation, like "With many well wishes" or "tatter tots and ketchup", "frogs in pajamas"....

Cats in top hats,

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  1. There's a little something headed your way. (I'm hoping there's enough stamps on it!)


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