A Month of Mail: day 16

day 16

day 16

Exhibit A of my paper hoarding. I picked up a few of these postcards back in 2006. I just really loved the image, "l.a. fingers" by Estevan Oriol. Reminds me of the movie Mi Vida Loca, which i love. Sad girl is pretty much my alter ego.

Since this was a promotional postcard for a show called LA Women it had lots of text on the back, so I covered it with a glue stick and some blank scrap paper. Like a new postcard 6 years later!

day 16

And had to share some images from the movie Mi Vida Loca, Sad girl via & the gang via

More about the A Month of Mail project, a personal challenge to myself to write a letter a day for the month of May, here...

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