A Month of Mail: day 14 & 15

These last two day's letters have been late night endeavors. I find that I like to end my days doing something for me, like playing  with water colors and writing a little letter. It's not the best time to photograph though, so thankfully my trusty iphone & instagram saves the day.

Are you writing any letters lately?

You can see all the letters here & learn more about my a month of mail project here

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  1. Personally? Last year, I made a piece of mail everyday. I think it was one of the most rewarding things i've ever done. Now, i am a bit behind on my epistolary correspondence, but quickly catching up. I run a letter writing club, so that helps me stay on task.

    (also, if you want a pen pal
    po box 7754 / wellesley street / auckland / new zealand ... I want to make more friends online. I used to make lots of friends online, then social media took over so much and i stopped meeting new folks online, and just quietly read blogs in the background. There's a whole world out there, and i'm going after it, so yes...)


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