A Month of Mail: day 13

day 13

day 13

Day 13, & it's Mother's Day! I already sent my mom a package, so I wrote to one of my aunts to wish her a great day. I hardly see her, so it's nice to be able to stay in touch in a new way, written correspondence.

day 13
day 13
I used a Tracing Wheel and stamp pad to make some simple handmade stationery. Makes a plain white paper a lot more interesting and fun to make & receive....

More about the A Month of Mail project, a personal challenge to myself to write a letter a day for the month of May, here...


  1. This is adorable! Such a good idea! Is that just a tracing wheel like they use for patterns?


    1. Hi Heather- yeah, just a simple tracing wheel used for making sewing patterns. I got two from my grandma, never used them for sewing stuff, just stamps! hope you try it....


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