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I'm planning to make breakfast for some friends this weekend and remembered this tortilla recipe my aunt taught me while I was home. It'd be great for a mexican style brunch menu, or really for any time. One of my favorite snacks is a warm tortilla and some butter. How often do you get homemade tortillas?! This is the way my grandmother taught my aunt, so I want to carry on the tradition and share with you too...

Making Tortillas...
3 cups flour
1 packet of yeast (or baking powder) + 1 ½ cups boiling water
1 Tbsp salt
1 cup boiling water (after dough is mixed)
1 Tbsp vegetable oil
Update 2.20.12 I tried the recipe above this weekend and the dough was too watery. I was so disappointed- I worked this out with my aunt (who knows it by heart, not measurements) and I wanted it to be just like hers, I had to add more flour, which made our doughy, tough tortillas. I'd decrease the water by about half for each portion of water above. Hope that helps! Let me know what works best for you...

  1. Mix flour, salt and the yeast with boiling water.
  2. Knead the dough throughly. 
  3. When the dough is almost mixed make a indent in the dough and remaining boiling water and vegetable oil. Knead dough.
  4. Cover and place the dough in a warm spot. Let sit for at least 10 min. Longer is better though.
  5. Flour a rolling pin and cutting board. Make small balls from the dough and roll out into circles. Stretch the dough, like a pizza, into thin circular shapes.      
  6. Cook on a comal (smooth griddle) or a pan until it the dough bubbles and then flip to cook opposite side. Bubbles are ok. I love big bubbly tortillas!
Making Tortillas...

I'd love for you to try making these too, let me know how it goes ok?!


  1. oh my my my, thank you so much for the recipe & how-to
    I will make my best to make these ASAP & will let you know how it went !
    thanks again for the time !

  2. awesome how-to!! I've never made tortillas but always wanted to give it a go

  3. oooh! thanks so much for sharing this! I will definitely be trying this! I love tortillas so much and have been bummed that I havn't found any great tortillas in NY since moving here from Chicago. Have you found any stores here that sell tortillas that taste more like they're homemade? do you ever make corn tortillas?
    hopefully i'll get a chance to try this recipe soon. when i do, i'll be sure to send you photos, and will let you know how the water & flour proportions work out. thanks again!


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