MR shop reopening // 1st post of the New Year...

Fabric + paper valentines for the shop!

First, I have to say that this is my first post of the new year! Happy New Year peeps, hope it's even better than the last one!

It's been awhile that the MR shop has been closed, so I missed the busiest season of the year. Totally o.k with that, but I do feel bad about letting anyone down who wanted to support my shop. I'm just so very grateful for the time I'm able to share with my family during a hard time. It means the world to me.

Soooo, the good news is– I'm ready to reopen the shop! I've missed it so. I'll be live this Monday, 1.16.2012 bright and early. My shop will be stocked with valentines cards, like the gold + gingham (!) ones above,  a special valentines embroidery, and for the first time in about a year Custom Heart Embroideries!!

The first post of the new year wouldn't be complete without a list of new goals. Goals feel much better to me than resolutions. I hope that committing them to paper and sharing (even if I'm slightly embarrassed to share them) holds me more accountable. Feel free to check in on me & I'll do the same if you wanna share some goals with me....

Making a goal list for 2012...


  1. Only you would make a resolution list look so lovely! Mine looks like a disorganized grocery list written by someone who was half asleep.

    Happy New Year : )

  2. Fun 2012 list! I'm up for an adventure sometime. Maybe a long bike ride or museum trip?

  3. Happy new year! Glad to hear you're back in action, good luck with it x

  4. add visit philadelphia...

  5. thanks for sharing this! I can relate to so much of it. I find myself being so busy with my etsy shop that I have to remind myself to eat and sleep as well. (we're also night owls over here and I find myself staying up later and later each night, which i'm trying to stop doing)
    I also want to write more letters, and need to stop putting off bookkeeping and accounting :)

    My boyfriend and I have also been trying to take a trip to herkimer mines for about two years now. :) we're hoping to go when it gets warmer.
    have you been to Stick, Stone, and Bone on Christopher street?

  6. I think we're supposed to be penpals....and since your goal is to write more letters....

    I make prints and little books and embroider things and quilt and mostly, just send things through the mail

    some of my credentials:

    to get a letter, send a letter: po box 7754 / wellesley street / auckland / nz


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