Three years ago today...

Three years ago today, Oct. 4 2008, I made my very first etsy sale. And not only was it a sale, but the order was for FOUR pieces! Your first sale is always a big deal, so I was over the moon. I remember how over board I went packaging them up. These are the very pieces....

I had opened my shop just for fun on August 25. At the time, I had a full time jobbie job and no intentions to run an Etsy shop full time. It was so thrilling and inspiring to make something, put it out in the world and have people positively receive my work (sidenote: I love you Etsy!).  Seriously addicting! So I started to share all of the fun, random stuff I liked to make, like paper pennant banners, miniature collections in tiny vials (I call them Mini Cabinets of Curiosity), books and lots of embroidery.  Here are some of my very first sold items....

I'm so happy that three years later I'm still making everyday and growing my small, handmade business. Now it's my full time creative job and as stressful as the art hustle can be it gives me a lot to be proud of. This past year is going by in a flash- I can't believe it's fall already! It may seem kind of quiet around MR land, but I've been busy writing, making, and photographing for a huge (mega huge! seriously people it's kinda a big deal...ha!) project that I will one day unveil.  This shirt says it all and you can even see that although I'm lounging at the park my embroidery work is not too far...

Here's to another three years, and another and another! Thank you!!

To celebrate I'm gonna do a special one day 20% off in the MR shop. Use the code: THREEYEARS I may just include a little extra zazzle or surprises in your order too!

This idea really gets me interested in other maker's first sale story. I'd love to hear- write me a comment & share!

p.s the shirt is by Random Objects. I bought it while vending at Renegade Brooklyn this year and really love it... The top says Never Not Working. It's true!

p.p.s i miss my long hair...


  1. H A P P Y - A N N I V E R S A R Y ! ! !
    I love Etsy too, because it's through Etsy that I met you !

    And here's to many many other anniversaries,
    x x x

    PS : You're adorable on that last pic ...
    PPS : I want my black stitched crooooss ! Your chevron-crosses are the best <3

  2. Congratulations Jess! You may not know... you were the one who inspired me to take the leap and quit my day job!!! Took me quite a while, but being able to see you do it gave me some much needed courage :)

    On November 28Th 2007, I made my first sale:

  3. Mathyld- I know! I'm collecting things for you and that cross is one of them. Time seriously is not my friend and I need to get on sending you a package! THanks so much!!

    Chrisi- WHAT! that is amazing to hear. thanks so much for sharing that, really makes my day. Also, that book, is a treasure. love it!

  4. always loved your shop!
    congratulations and cant wait until you spill the super exciting secret news!

  5. Congrats! And don't worry, hair always grows back. You look cute no matter what length.

  6. so awesome, love your work! And i love that in true MR fashion, you didn't just get one order, you got 4! People really respond to your work my dear

  7. I know the feeling! I still feel it every time I sell something I make. I wish etsy and the internet had been around 30 years ago when I was your age!
    keep up the good work!

  8. That's awesome!

    I just saw your video on taking great pics. I am planning on retaking all my pics using your advice. I love your items and am looking at you for some inspiration (no pressure though!).

    I joined Etsy in January, 2011, but didn't actually publish products until 10/20. I was surprised to see my first sale on 10/22. I was super excited. I was holding my breath while packing the items and praying they wouldn't cancel on me :)

  9. Your embroidery is very charming and playful. Lovely and fun work.


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