Hello Etsy

Dear Etsy,
You know I love you right?  It's hard not to....

This photograph from the Hello Etsy event in Brooklyn this past weekend is a perfect example.

Hello Etsy Brooklyn33

The speaker, Matt Crawford, talked about the importance of working with your hands. You see the direct effect of your work and that leads to a better understanding of the world.  In his talk he made, not one, but two references to Dwight. Gotta love it! Matt wrote the NY Times Best Seller book Shop Class as Soulcraft, which I'm putting on my reading list.

And here's Virginia and I having a blast together at the event making finger puppets at the NewNew booth.

Hello Etsy Brooklyn12

You can watch the talks, which happened all over the world on livestream, which I did live whilst they happened in Berlin. It was so cool. I was in my pjs in Brooklyn watching a talk happening in Berlin! Whoa the future... I thought this talk (Smart resourcing materials for small businesses) was really informative as a maker thinking about better branding on the cheap. Also, Natalie Chanin is amazing!

Did you attend a Hello Etsy event? What did you take away from the talks?


  1. Oh! These photographs and words make me wish I could have taken a plane, and vagabond my way to the event.

    Maybe, next time!

    hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

  2. so glad you made it out to Hello Etsy! So many great talks, i loved Judy Wicks!


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