Pins & Needles Class

Last week I taught a embroidery class at Pins & Needles where we made Zodiac Constellation Kits together.  It's always a bit nerve wracking to teach, but what I love most about it is making/crafting in a group setting, like an old school quilting bee, meeting new people and the silly joy I feel when someone really enjoys what they are learning.

Speaking of meeting people- One highlight for me was having Carrie Strine in the class! I love her quilts and work in general. It's so strange and wonderful to meet internet friends- hear their voice and experience their personalities- she is a funny one!

Thanks to all who came out for the class and stay tuned if you'd like to take an embroidery class. I'll be teaching again at P&N June 25th and dates at Purl Soho soon too (!)....


  1. it was! I left the class happy as can be....

  2. oh my gosh! Pins and Needles - so my fellow collects pinball games (we have around 20 or so) and he said when we get old we can open a shop called Pins and needles - and kids can come after school and play pinball or do crafts with me!! :) Just had share.
    ps it so so awesome you did I class there! When we have a pins and needles shop will you come and teach :)


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