Etsy Success Workshop

What an honor to give an Etsy Success Workshop!! Thank you, thank you to Etsy, Danielle, all who attended and tuned into the livestream!

Etsy Success Photography Workshop
I was so excited and nervous about it I told my boo that he'd better be there or he'd be fired. I needed to see his face in the audience, so he skipped out of work to make that happen. Can you spot Mr. MR?...

Etsy Success Photography Workshopmy dj set double laptop presentation!

Etsy Success Photography Workshop
and, the End!

Photography is such a huge, broad topic, and each individual shops needs are specific and varied. So really I tried to make the workshop more about ideas to improve your Etsy photography, and tailored it specifically to Etsy sellers. I talked a lot about the types of images that work best and then got into some of the specifics about actually making images.  I hope that it can be a resource and inspiration to people!!

I think the most nerve wracking part was that the event was livestreaming and would be recorded FOR.EV.ER! You can watch me earnestly, and nervously trying to learn you some photography skillz right here....
Were you watching? I'd love to hear your thoughts, if anything resonated with you or helped you! Let me know yo! That would make me so happy!

Had to clown around in the photo booth...

Thanks again Etsy & everyone who came & tuned in - you made my day....


  1. It must have been awesome- I am going back to take some notes from the posting on etsy-thank you for sharing your good knoweledge-

  2. Loved your photo workshop. Thanks so much. My store is not yet open...I'm trying to learn as much as I can so it will be successful when I do open. Your workshop was very helpful and the timing was really great since I just bought Digital Photography for Dummies yesterday!

  3. Thank you, thank you for the Etsy Success workshop! From my heart, really. I have been carrying around my Canon EOS for a few years now and no (*beep*) amount of manual helped! Hours of taking only one barely good shot and tons of crummy pics would be my proof of frustration.

    The you came and made it so simple! In a matter of minutes, I got your message. So thank you again and good "luck"!

    p.s. The worksheet helped very well too, by the way.


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