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Just set myself up on Bloglovin, hence the prefaced text & link.

Spent the day all over the place running errands.  I've got lots of projects I'm working on and will be teaching, more on all this soon.  Bopping around on the interwebs today I came across this post by Holly on Decor8. She writes in the last paragraph...
 I have come to realize over the past five years that blogging with intention, with heart, with passion is always my goal — it is so much more rewarding over simply tossing up posts for the sake of writing something. For me, a blog is a place to communicate feelings, a vision, talk about inspirations, ideas, goals, dreams… I think that is what makes a great blog, well, great. What do you think?
I agree!  Holly inspired me to put a little more of my voice here.  I read a lot of blogs, mainly I browse, I guess, looking for inspiration, checking what's going on right now, and seeking some sort of connection to the craft community I'm part of.  I do sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of visuals and text and, I'm kinda ashamed to say it, but it can stress me out. There are so many talented, creative, inspiring people out there! It's like going to a museum and looking so closely at everything. After awhile it's information overload and I don't "see" anymore.

That said, I'm so grateful to the people who visit my blog, who are reading this now, Hello. Thank you! It means a lot to me to be able to have a voice in this virtual community and share a wee bit of my work & life. I hope that I can share something with you that is inspiring, or that at least brightens your day a bit.


  1. words to blog by, for certain.
    and i love the wee pen marks on your thumb in the guinea hen feather picture- you've clearly been up so some creative exploits!

    thanks for stopping by bigBANG. LOVE love love the embroidery!!! xo and see you NY!

  2. Epps! I've totally been stalking your blog lately, reading all about your India trip. You are crazy funny & crazy talented and just write so well. so thanks for visiting me & would love to say hello when you come to NY....

  3. I completely agree with your sentiments. I sit down to scroll through my bloglovin blog roll and find myself getting completely overwhelmed, turning what should be a fun experience into a chore. Too much sometimes!

    Your blog is one I always look forward to, and find myself inspired by!

  4. That means so much for me Shirley- thank you so much! I think me & you are on the same page...


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