behind the scenes at the Martha Stewart Show....

All hail the Queen of Craft !

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend a live taping of the MS show AND it was a Vegan episode. I didn't plan it and I was so excited about the happy coincidence. I'm really proud to be a level 3 vegan and it brought tears to my eyes (I'm a crybaby) to have my crafty icon explore veganism with such care and thoughtfulness. The guest's were all vegan  Biz Stone, the creator or twitter, Kathy Freston, author of Veganist, and my favoritest of all, Gene Baur, salt and pepper cutie and cofounder of Farm Sanctuary. Farm Sanctuary is an amazing"cruelty-free refuge for mistreated farm animals." I've been there- pet a big ol' pigs belly, got booty bumped by a goat when I stopped petting him and looked into the soulful eyes of a rhino sized cow. It was heaven in upstate NY!

OK, now the show! Joey Kola pumped up the audience real good. This guy is so fun and totally gets the audience silly, yelling, and clapping...
Then you are led into the studio where everyone is arranged into the seating area. They wanted the brightest colors in the audience and arranged seating according to this. Luckily my neighbor & yoga teacher (!) was wearing bright red, and Kelly was in teal. Virginia was given a green scarf to brighten her up!

I snuck a quick pic of the making of the picture above. Do you see the guy with the giant black box in his hand? His camera was huge!...

Thank you Martha Stewart Show!!


  1. Love the pic of the 4 of you! Did you snag some good giveaways?? I totally got a scallion slicer, a stir fry cookbook, and Sony Reader when I was in the audience in Feb!

  2. that was way fun!! we should do it again!

  3. Knit Knit- Yes, we got three books, and strangely, vitamins! ha! Oh, I would have loved a reader... How often do you go to the show?

    Virginia & Kelly- Yes, so much fun - lets do it again!


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