30 years is a long time...

This piece is one of the biggest I've done and while I toiled away hand embroidering 30 tree rings I thought a lot about time and commitment.

I'm feeling sick lately and super stressed- lots to do and not enough time. My boo helps me so much so that i can keep working ridiculous hours stitching and making. Thanks mang for the help and patience!

I'm so thankful for my custom requests that keep me making new things and flexing my crafty brain. Thank you Danielle for this request! I hope they love it as much as I do!

And I'm curious whats the biggest or most time consuming project you've done?


  1. I love the ghost rings in the 4th & 5th photos! Such gorgeousness!

  2. It's beautiful. Great work!
    My most time consuming project...was cutting out all of the street names on a full sized city map! It took forever :)

  3. How beautiful!

    My most time consuming project was a quilt :)

  4. Hi Jessica. I was just wondering if you've decided to mail to Malaysia? I would really really really love to have some of your amazing works in my home...


  5. That is just beautiful, well worth all the long long stitching hours, I hope!
    I too am finding not enough hours in the day, and relying on my boy to tidy up around me and generally be life-sorter-outer. Hope you find slightly easier times soon! x

  6. Many many thanks! Bruce and I love the tree ring. 30 years... a very long time...it hangs beautifully in our dining room for many to enjoy.


  7. So lovely!

    Hm, the most consuming project was the Nocturnal series. I worked every night until I went to sleep and each drawing took 1-3 months.

  8. i love the projects you guy are sharing! I want to see pictures of these. I've see yours NIX and I know those amazing pencil drawings had to have taken forever...

    And Kristy, thank you so much for visiting!! I'm so glad to have made the piece for you...


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