thank you...

thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes! i had nice simple day. it's not glamorous or anything, but i did exactly what i wanted, have a nice slow day.  I worked on a project I've not had time to previously, read and drank tea by window light.  J took me to the Rubin museum, so we could relive our Nepal trip. The show, Embodying the Holy, was great - eastern and western icons side by side. i would love to have a russian icon painting!! then dinner at a fancy vegan restaurant, Blossom.  lavender creme brulee for dessert- everyday please! and it was a double dessert day cause then we went to Coco V for fancy chocolates and chai tea... a good day, no?
ps i was just asked what book i was reading in the first photograph. it's dave egger's What is the What and i'm truly wrapped up in it. it's about the Lost Boys of Sudan. the story is brutal and making appreciate all i have.


  1. Happy belated birthday, Jessica! What a wonderful day!


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