vannessa's wedding....

my friends vanessa and mike had a beautiful wedding last month that my boo officiated. it was so special for j to be part of this important day for our friends, and i was like a stage mom, "practice again! louder! smile, smile, wider. do it again..." not that bad, but i was so nervous for him and he did great! i did his hair all pretty and nice and check out that new duchess suit, and glowy beard.

look at all the pretty green, white and vintage details....
she collected all these vintage pins and i helped her make it into a bouquet. it's so pretty!

rip beard 2007- 2010


  1. Adorable ! Love all the jars ...

    But erm ... Questions !
    1/ Is the beard gone-gone ?
    2/ Where are the pics of ... YOU ? I want to see !

    x x x

  2. mathyld, 1, yes, the beard is gone, gone. it's weird to me too. almost like another boy. and 2, i'm always behind the camera!

  3. Hmmm ... I am sure there was someone else behind an other camera ;)


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