collecting the sun

missing the warmth and adventure of Arizona.  Here are some images of the highlights of my recent trip there.  it's a beautiful and strange landscape. Even though I'm from CA it's so foreign to see cactus everywhere and they have such anthropomorphic shapes. all i see are bubble figures freeze dancing in the desert with stretchy faces.

i've never seen an owl close up before.  was like a 5yr old at the desert museum, which was more like a zoo. check out the triangle pattern on the feathers!

this squirrel wanted to attack me. i thought at first how cute, but seriously it got scary with him throwing himself against the glass. driving in the desert is amazing. windows down, desert sounds....

look out tomorrow for a post about the shady dell, a trailer park hotel!!


  1. That picture of you and the squirrel is ridiculously cute. Too bad it was a mad squirrel.

  2. holy ballz...that triangle pattern kills me...I did not know this! after reading elsewhere this week that goats have rectangular pupils! weird...

  3. Wow ...
    These gems & crystals ! And these giant blue rocks !? This owl ! The cactus with a face and all !
    I want to goooo there !
    x x x

  4. Oh! You went to the Desert Museum didn't you? I came home with a pocket full of stones from thestone pile :) Shhh, secret!


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