heres to a lovely long weekend....

i know i'm starting a bit early, but Happy Weekend!

i'm off on a last minute weekend trip up to rochester. i'm looking forward to a bit of mellow versus the chaos that is my neighborhood over labor day. supposedly it's the biggest parade in ny- over 3 million participants (don't quote me). its like mardi gras with lots of nips, booty cheeks, music so loud it's just bass, and then the aftermath.... trash! glad to miss it this year. poor jeremy has to stay behind.... sucker!

what are you up to?

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  1. basil in brooklyn!

    my partner and i tried to set up raised beds in our 1/2 room that doubled as an art room! that's how desperate we were for an "outdoor" space!

    i'm sure you know this, but if you pinch the long basil flowers off, they'll produce into late fall!
    otherwise, the plant thinks it's matured and then the leaves get spicy!

    glad you'll miss the garbage!



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