renegade brooklyn recap

whew, what a weekend renegade brooklyn was.  i met lots of people, made lots of mail, got my booth mate's  music, a one time thing, permanently stuck in my head, and had a generally great time despite even the crazy rain and wind on sunday.  we had a tornado warning that shut down lots of booths early.

my only complaint is i didn't have time to see everything properly and missed lots of people and booths i would have loved to have seen.

really happy to have gotten a chance to meet bloodmilk,  enhabiten with Lambert, polly danger (who is from the same town as me in ca. small world.), sweetie pie press, molly of charlotte's fancy, and melissa

a big hug to everyone who stepped up, sat down, and typed out a little letter with me! another big kiss to everyone who stopped by. you all made my weekend awesome!!

more pictures on my flickr


  1. I have that dress!! The booth looks amazing...congrats

  2. The booth looks wonderful Jessica!

  3. wow, looks spectacular, hopefully next time i'll get to say hi!

  4. Very happy to finally have met you!
    And such a treat to see a lot of your embroidery and your work "in person".

  5. i wish i could have been there! it all looks so magical! i can't wait to meet you one day! xox

  6. Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I have featured one of your craft display ideas onmy blog, as I think it's a great idea. Please come and visit if you get the chance. Thanks Marie x


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