dear yellow cat,

how is it possible that one little thing could shed so damn much? you should be bald, like the old man you are.



  1. Oh, he is super adorable, I don't care how much hair he sheds. :)

  2. He looks like a cute and cuddly friend. Like my childhood toy "Lions Kitty Cat." The same well loved chest fluff, he has. :-)

    P.S. Black cats, like the one I have, murder your furniture too. I feel your pain....

  3. Fllluffffy! Is Bug enjoying the company of the shedder?

  4. thanks ladies!! he is kinda cute...

    Nix, NO! absolutely not, Bug is such a creep to yellow. he stalks him. watches him eat, play, and then when yellow is not looking, ATTACK! it's very stressful and i just hope that they become boyfriends soon, or at least friendly acquaintances.

  5. AH! I'm so glad you actually have lots of cat photos on your blog, especially b/c this particular kittie of yours is too cute for words! and I love the setup of your Letter Writing Service...I hope I get to see it in person someday!

    and it was so nice to meet you Saturday!


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