sunday summary

+ working non stop preparing for renegade (brooklyn & la) and working on my regular orders. MR has been doing good this month! a big thanks to everyone for their support!!

+ received a gift awhile back of a giant collection of embroidery thread.  squealed with delight opening it. here it is on my work desk.

+ reorganized my workplace after jane shared her's here.  i made her a custom heart and little alphabet. love all her little things, the typewriter, and the room color....

+ oh, did i mention that recently we took in a street cat that was in our neighborhood since i moved in two years ago.  he had a horribly swollen paw. it was so bad it looked bent and broken.  it's now all healed up and he and bug have met, but are not quite sure of each other just yet.....


  1. Yay for busy-ness! Oh, and your new kitty is charming!

  2. That cat looks like it's seen some things in it's day! I would love to know what he's like.

  3. And Yay for that work space. I love the peg board idea.

  4. Thanks Jessica! I've got quite the constellation obsession right now. I actually bought this last week:

    SOOOO Neat. Bug would get a kick out of it :)

    You look quite busy! If we were closer, I'd say we have a goodies swap. We keep buying whenever we go to antique shops and I'm sure you'd get a kick out of it.

    Cant wait to see your new creations~

  5. miss- he is way mellow. bug hiss at him and even tries to slap him and he can hardly be bothered. but he pisses everywhere! i've been feeling like i'm in cat hell lately.

    nix- i love that! i made an exclamation when i saw the image link. i wish we were closer! i'd love to see your work in person and share our little treasures. i'll be in ca (my home) for renegade la. any chance you'll be there?!

  6. he's a dignified-lookin fella! Your workspace is delicious.


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