sunday summary

  + flying cat and super duper cute cats via the sleby

+ this wedding dress, like green leaves!

+ holy wow, these embroidered portraits by daniel kornrumpf are stunning and unimaginable to accomplish.  it's like a mini chuck close.

+ i want you square.

+ crazy great weather here in nyc. bike rides, parks, raining leaves. the people sunbathing in the park. there's nothing like this in ca.  i'm still a tourist in my own city.  i'm not sure if it'll ever stop.

+ reading proust was a neuroscientist by jonah lehrer and thoroughly enjoying it. it's not fair that one man be so handsome, smart, interesting, young and accomplished. he is also an editor for seed magazine- i like.

+ go ride a bike!


  1. oh my goodness, that photo is so cute!

    LOVE that wedding dress, oh my it's so awesome. :]

    cannot believe those are all embroidered! insane.

    that weather you're having sounds amazing! unlike the humid 90 degrees here in florida, haha. a bike ride sounds lovely right now. and that is so awesome that you're still like a tourist in the city you live in. :]

    <3 <3
    - L

  2. Thank you for reminding me how much I have to plan with my wedding :)
    Gorgeous finds! LOVE the embroidered portraits.
    I wonder how long that would take to do. I could see you embroidering your Victorian photos.

  3. lauren- you are too cute! thanks for all the link love AND for the mail love too! you are getting something in the mail soon!

    nix- you're getting married! congrats!!! i bet your wedding will be amazing. are you designing your invitations and such?


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