sunday summary

+ too busy crafting for two events back to back next weekend.  mark your calendars!!!

saturday, april 24 the {New New} Spring Handmade Cavalcade at Berry Park, 10 - 5 pm
a craft fair featuring 25  new york crafty ladies and gents.  berry park is a nice, kick back bar. i'm on the roof and it's going to be a beautiful day.  imagine it: you, some friends, a beer in the sun on the roof. come out and play and do say hello....

and sunday april 25 Homemade: Brooklyn, 522 metropolitan, 12- 8pm
homemade: brooklyn is a pop-up shop organized by the shiny squirrel with lots of designers, artists, and events. i'll have a really fun, interactive, tiny mail making stand.  it will be super cute and typewriters are involved!  come by and make mail with me!!!


  1. if I lived anywhere close to Brooklyn I would attend the mail-making workshop in a heartbeat! :) it looks like lots of fun!

  2. just found your blog and LOVE it! everything is so pretty and simple, and your etsy & flickr are both amazing as well. will definitely be following. :]

    good luck at the craft fairs! wish i could come, but that'd be a bit of travel from florida to new york, haha. hope you get lots of sales and meet lovely new people. <3
    - L

  3. I hate France for being effin' boring and so far away ...
    What fun days you'll have !

    Good luck with all the work, tho !
    x x x

  4. Will try to swing by on sunday and say hello. Not 100% sure yet.

  5. i want to blog about my mini-letter-making adventure, but i don't want to ruin the surprise for the people i sent my messages to! must. be. patient...

  6. Ok, I gotta share this on my blog: These are too stinkin' cute!!!


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