letter writing service....

this past weekend i got to debut my little letter writing service stand at the spring handmade cavalcade and homemade: brooklyn. it was a non-stop weekend, but so much fun! thanks to everyone who came out and made some mail with me or just stopped by to say hi!

the shc was a full MR crafty affair, but at homemade: brooklyn, from the pic above, was all about interacting with the peoples, typing and making little letters.  we got a shout out in Daily Candy too!

more pics here.

via metromix (lots and lots of pics of the event)

big, big thanks to the {new new} etsy team for organizing the shc and jessica of the shiny squirrel for inviting me to participate in homemade: brooklyn, which is still going on - check it!!


  1. Wow ! I am in love with your new booth !!!
    That mini mail box is genius !
    And you are looking fab ! Love your hair like that !

    I am so bummed to have missed what looks like the coolest events of 2010 !
    Ocean, I hate you, sometimes :(

    x x x

  2. so cute! it looks like fun times were had.

  3. Uhhh, is that a cursive typewriter? If you say yes, I will cry.

  4. You are SO adorable & pretty hun! Are you going to have your letter writing service at Renegade? :)

  5. mathyld- shaking fist: "damn you ocean"

    nix- it's not a cursive one. i'm always on the look out for one!!

    melissa - yeah, i will have it at renegade this year. i'm trying to figure how i can get it to renegade LA too, since i'll be there. i want my little cousin laura to sit at it!

    thanks everyone for the love!!

  6. Same here- 250+ dollars later I'd be smiling ;)

  7. LOVE all these photos! so, so awesome pictures and i wish i could've seen your booth in person. <3 <3
    - L

  8. Leo loved meeting you today, Jessica. Don't forget to write us!

  9. I absolutely loved meeting Leo! He was a highlight of the weekend. Loved his curiosity and business tips (so funny!). If you send me your address (again) I'd love to write him a little letter. He said it so fast I missed it. please email it to me:


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