broken hearted....

thought of this song and had to hear it. then watching the video broke my heart, like five times. boy loves cat (sphynx cat!), boy dresses cat in sweater, boy loses cat, then finds cat. i don't care what you say about sphynx cats. they're cute, feel incredible and i want one of my own to love!

since my roommate moved out we've wanted to adopt bug, our cat, a brother friend, a little dog or cat buddy. it breaks my heart how many dogs and cats need homes. it's staggering and heartbreaking, even cried reading the statistic on euthanasia from the american humane site. they estimate that 3.7 MILLION animals were euthanized in 2008.

this is my bob barker moment- spay and neuter your pets people! and ADOPT if you can!! no breeders, no pet stores, no way dude. (as an aside, i fully see the irony with the inclusion of sphynx cats here. they are a pure breed or breeder cat, but seriously there is a rescue for every breed!)

have you ever adopted a pet?? i rescued bugs. he was a sad, hungry little cat straight from the streets of brooklyn, hence the attitude. now he's my son.


  1. Oh Bug! He is just the cutest ever. Yay for rescued animals.

  2. a family I babysat for had two sphynx cats and they were so intriguing!
    Bug is awfully adorable. :)

  3. What a lively little bug!
    I still find it odd that people still neglect to do this.

  4. This video is soooo cute. And yes, I adopted my baby, Bella, (cat) from Craigslist- and I have no idea how I would have lived without her. I am not ashamed to admit that the news showed this poor, abused dog last night and I burst into tears. So many wonderful animals need a good home and a little love :)

  5. I actually just adopted a puppy that somebody had abandoned near my house, I think more people should adopt instead of buy!

  6. I like your son's little grin.
    I saved my Chi, my life is infinitely better now.


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