the things we treasure....

here are some on my newest cabinets of curiosity. i've started to create themes for them based on their contents. the top most image is, Secret Society for all some little odd fellows pins. The red vial is "Letters From the Front" based on an imaginary WWI story. The bottom two are "Be Prepared" a boy scout themed cabinet is a medicine vial. so fun making these and creating stories for them....

more cabinet images in this flickr set

what do you collect?


  1. I love the Boy Scout pin - why did they Boys always get the better stuff? So unfair.

  2. I lovelovelove this "Be prepared" pin !!!
    And you arleady know I love the red cross one, too, don't you ?

    And I adore you, too :)
    x x x

  3. Each time I look at your curiosity phials, I think I couldn't love them more. And then you go and prove me wrong.


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