hello, where are you?....

it's been snowing all day here and i've been watching kids play in the snow for hours. really, i've never seen that before here in brooklyn, but i heard all this yelling and looked out to see snowballs being flung and kinds slipping and sliding in the street.

so, i got to wondering.... what does it look like where you are?
maybe you are close or maybe you are all the way in paris (wink), but it would be nice to hear......


  1. hey jessica, thanks so much for the heads up about me being in an 'etsy finds' article. as a newbie i'm beside myself with the recognition! i wondered why there was a spike in views ;)

    having fun yet with the snow? i'm originally from the d.c. area, so it's been a lot of fun watching from florida. it's cool here now. yay! everytime it's frigid in the mid-atlantic, it's cool here.

    ps- love your shop updates!

  2. Well ...
    I'm sad, we had snow but it doesn't stay ...

    I thought of you when listening to the radio : they talked about NY saying that it's the biggest snowfall since 1919 I think ... WOW !

    Hugs & Kisses,
    Kittens & Mittens,
    x x x

  3. Here's what it looks like where I am!


  4. Hugs & Kisses,
    Kittens & Mittens

    best salutation ever mathyld!!!

  5. oh, and thanks lisa for the kindess and Ryan for those pictures! whew...

  6. It's gray here. I really have been enjoying this winter actually....it's been unseasonably warm. Still, it is Oregon and it's often gray. Sunny days are so welcome this time of year!

  7. Hi, after reading your post, I walked outside and took a picture of the view from my backyard. I'm always in awe of the early morning light.

    Wow, so much snow in the east, hard to imagine how cold it must be.

  8. It looks like this. I took these pictures today. Michigan doesn't get much sun in the winter. Blue sky days are like heaven. When the sky is blue, everyone comes outside to walk dogs, take bike rides (yes, in the snow), and play while it lasts. When spring arrives, the earth sighs a big green sigh and everything bursts with beautiful little buds and blooms. I can't wait for spring to arrive, but am enjoying winter while it lasts.

  9. oops, my links got cut off. here they are again.


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